Sega Lengko

Rice is originally from Cirebon. very suitable for people who do not have much time for cooking, the material used is very simple and contain high nutrition, suitable for vegetarians, because it is only vegetables.

White rice
Boiled bean sprouts
Tempe cut in small squares, then fried
Tofu cut in small squares, then fried
Cucumber cut small squares or to taste
Roasted peanut
Small chilli
Large red chilli
Garlic to taste
Tamarind water to taste
Palm sugar in a comb, to taste
Leek Leaves
Sweet soy sauce to taste

cucumber, cut into pieces according to taste

Peanut sauce: garlic puree, salt along with cayenne pepper and red pepper.
After that add the brown sugar and roasted peanuts, tamarind water enter.

Sega Lengko:
put white rice put on the plate.
Sprinkle bean sprouts
Add slices of fried tempeh
Add to this fried tofu
Add cucumber
Sprinkle with peanut sauce, then flush with sweet soy sauce. Serve.


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