Tumis Tahu Sayur

Nyummy Tumis Tahu Sayur

- 150 gr. tahu
- 75 gr. tauge
- 75 gr. peultjes
- couple of brushwood selderie
- bit leek
- 2 eetlepels shredded onion
- 2 shredded teentjes garlic
- 2 eetlepels of ketjap
- oil

Dry the tahu with kitchen paper and cut it in cubes of 1 cm. Barge them slightly brown in, approx. 5 minus clears oil on high fire. Obtain them from the pan. By the leek and selderie. Fruit onion, garlic and leek 2 minutes in a beetje oil. A cup does water the tahu and the peultjes. It lets cook 5 minutes softly. Joint then selderie, tauge, ketjap and salts to taste and cook once more 2 minutes. Let cool down the Court and at least a half hour to stand.


  1. We should be deeplpy grateful to Bpk Saifuddin for this gem

  2. Where are the peultjes at the grocery store?

  3. Peutjes is same as "Petis" you can buy from traditional market.