Recipes Saksang

Ingredients recipe:
1 kg beef, cut into small pieces origin
3 bay leaves orange
Spices Cooking oil for sauteing

The boxed recipe ingredients:
500 gr grated coconut
100 gr coriander finely

Materials mashed / Blender:
6 cloves Shallots
6 cloves garlic
Curling Chilli 10 seeds (optional)
5 seeds cayenne pepper (to taste)
4 Trunk Serai
2 segment Ginger
1 vertebra galangal / Laos
1 vertebra Turmeric
Citrus Leaf and Leaf Greetings

How to Make it:
  • Toasted coconut and coriander until brownish color, having brown and fragrant, immediately mash until smooth and remove the oil ...
  • Saute seasoning blender results, bay leaves and lime leaves until fragrant, then enter the meat.
  • Stir until smooth, then add two cups of water
  • Cover skillet / pan over medium heat, once the water is reduced, add the coconut-coriander collision stir until flavors, then enter and Ajinomoto salt to taste, let stand until the water dries up and ready to eat meat.

Note: Usually, they wear hobo org for pork, beef pake here. Can also meat goat / sheep, more delicious.

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