Recipe Ingredients:
- Fish (Fried or Grilled Can. Patin fish fish, carp and Baung. Fish May be others as well, depending on taste. But the suggestion I am, a fish that I have mentioned is what bad)
- Sambal Paste
- Grilled Eggplant purple Limau-Key (can be replaced Kedondong forest)
- Fill Cucumbers
- Tempoyak
- Salt (if less salty)
- Sufficient water

Vegetable stew:
Boil-Cassava Leaves (can be replaced Papaya leaves, kale or bayem)

Raw fresh vegetable:
- Cucumber
- Jengkol (Can be replaced Petai)
- Cashew leaf buds
- Long Beans
- Jinar (Similar Ginger)
- Carrots
- Basil

How to mix:
All Material harpoon in hand in one container. Mixed with clean hands.


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