Sate Bulayak

- Ato beef chicken meat, can be added to the gut.
- Lime juice
- Roasted peanuts, finely ground. set aside
- Thick coconut milk from 1 coconut

Seasoning :
- 15 pcs red chili (for those who do not like spicy, though not a big chili dressing pedes)
- Red onion 6 cloves
- 4 cloves garlic
- Hazelnut 2 btr
- 1 tsp pepper
- Salt to taste

All the spices mashed

Method :
Soak the meat and innards with salt n lemon juice
kecil2 pieces of meat and offal n stick,
steamed briefly, coat with some seasoning, then baked until cooked.

saute remaining ingredients, put peanuts, pour coconut milk, stir until fragrant and cooked.


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