Wedang Angsle

Angsle is very nice hot drink

• 8 pieces jackfruit, diced into 1-cm cubes
• 100 grams mung beans, cooked until soft
• 200 grams fermented cassava (tape), diced into 2-cm cubes
• 200 grams fried peanuts
• 8 pieces of Putu Mayang, optional

Ginger Sauce:
• 750 cc water
• 100 grams ginger, bruised
• 2 pandan leaves, shredded and tied into knots
• 200 grams brown sugar
• 2 tablespoons granulated sugar

Coconut Milk Sauce:
• 350 cc coconut milk
• 1 pandan leaf, cut into 5-cm pieces salt

• Ginger Sauce: boil all ingredients until the sugar is dissolved
• Coconut Milk Sauce: boil coconut milk with pandan leaf and salt
• To Serve: arrange all ingredients in a bowl, pour hot ginger sauce and coconut milk sauce on top and serve immediately.


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