Indonesian Banana Pancakes

Indonesian Banana Pancakes Veg HT DP Indonesian 30mins plus standing

From Sulawesi

1 teasp Active Dry Yeast
2 tbsp Sugar
1/4 teasp Salt
240ml/8fl.oz. Warm Water
3 Ripe Bananas
150g/+5oz Rice Flour
Vegetable Oil

1. Place the yeast, sugar, salt and water in a large mixing bowl and stir to dissolve.

2. Peel the bananas, place in a shallow dish and to a smooth consistency.

3. Add the mashed banana and flour to the yeast mixture and mix well to form a batter. Set aside to stand 30 minutes.

4. Preheat the oven to low. Brush a frying pan with oil and heat until hot. Pour in about 90ml/3fl.oz. of the batter and cook over a medium heat until just set.

5. Turn the pancake and continue to cook over a medium/low heat until golden and risen.

6. Transfer to the oven to keep warm whilst you cook the remaining pancakes. Serve warm with Golden or Maple Syrup.


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