Es Cendol

Cendol is very nice ice mixed

Ingredients: (6 servings)
One pack (12 oz.) of frozen "BANH LOT" (available at oriental store)
One can of coconut milk, preferrably one made for dessert
1/4 lb. of Coconut sugar or "Gula Jawa" (brownish colored)
Ice cubes
Cold Water

1. Thaw the 'Banh Lot' in cold water, rinse once or twice afterwards

2. Boil the coconut milk with coconut sugar until they are completely
mixed together

3. In an individual serving glass (or dessert bowl), put in:
- 3 to 4 tbs. of Banh Lot
- 4-5 tbs of the mixing of coconut milk and coconut sugar
- add cold water (1 tbs) and ice cubes (can be crushed, if wanted)

4. Serve immediately, more of the ingredients can be added to taste.


Banh Lot is a Vitnamese food (but I found it taste similar to
the 'cendol' of Indonesian. It is a frozen product, hence found in
the freezer section. In the US, it is made by "Sincere Orient Foods Co."
in El Monte, Calif.

The coconut milk & coconut sugar can also be found at Oriental markets.

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