Soto madura

maduranese soup

80g Chicken; boiled and shredded
20g Cabbage; shredded
20g Carrot; shredded
12g Leek; shredded
10g Celery; chopped finev For
20ml Oil
12g Ginger
12g Onion
12g Garlic
4g Turmeric
A pinch of coriander powder
8g Candlenut paste; (may be substituted
; with a paste made
; from equal parts of
; cashewnut and
; charmagar)
Salt and pepper to taste
2 Cardamoms
4sm Slic laos; (or substitute
; ginger)
2 Stalks lemon grass
2 Lemon leaves
2 Salam leaves
2 Turmeric leaves
1¼ l Strong chicken stock
A small piece of nutmeg; crushed
1 1 1/2 cm pie cinnamon
1 Onion; sliced and fried
; (50 g)
1 Potato; sliced and fried
; (60 g)

THE PASTE FOR THE GARNISHING HEAT oil in a wok. Add about 50 g of the paste (as per recipe). Saut‚ with whole cardamom, laos (or ginger), lemon grass, lemon leaves, salam leaves, turmeric leaves (as per recipe). Add the strong chicken stock. Add nutmeg and cinnamon. Simmer for five minutes or till the soup no longer smells raw. Strain out the whole herbs and condiments. Season with salt and pepper. Add the boiled, shredded chicken. Serve hot, garnished with fried onion and fried sliced potato.


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